Monday, 12 May 2014

Out & About: AQS Paducah - more wonderful pictures

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.
Here is some more fantastic eye candy from AQS Quilt Week in Paducah.  
Millefiori by Sherry Rogers Harrison, with Bonnie Browning (left), Show Director.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.
And as an added bonus, some of the makers were also present so you can match the quilt with the maker.  Do you think that quilts reflect the maker’s personality?  I’m not sure because in that case I have a bit of split personality: my art quilts use a muted palette, but the quilts I make for fun tend to be very colourful.
Mistaken Identity by Gail Stepanek and Jan Hutchison.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.
I assume it is partly to protect the makers’ copyright that the winner’s rosettes cover so much of the quilts, but as a photographer/blogger/writer, it drives me nuts! 
Bradfor Fantasy #1 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.
I’ve just been going through my Paducah images to pull together an article for Popular Patchwork on the Show and I’m having a hard time narrowing the choice down.  My initial pick is 20, but as a reader I prefer fewer but bigger images, so I can see more detail.  What is your preference on a feature summarising a quilt show?
The Value of Gears by Judith Phelps.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.

Unfortunately all of the miniature quilts were under glass to protect them, so there was no way to photograph them without getting glare from the overhead lights.  This is a shame as they were truly outstanding – not just the winners.  Several of them used pieces smaller than my little finger nail.  I admire the skill and dedication, but didn’t come away feeling it was something I could try.  I struggle to be accurate with larger pieces and prefer free piecing, so I don’t think it is in my nature.

Magnolia by Slyvia Gegaregian.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.

Tesoro Escondido by Patricia Kennedy-Zafred.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.
Poet of the Forest by Tamie Hashida.  Seen at AQS Quilt Week Paducah.

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Maggi said...

Very interesting choices. Stunning workmanship.

My personal preference is to be able to see more of the entries rather than a few larger ones. If you are not able to do that, maybe a link to a website that shows more images. I do agree with you about the rosettes by the way, would prefer to see less of them and more of the quilt.

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