Tuesday, 14 October 2014

In my studio: my most important piece of kit

What is the most important piece of kit in your studio?  I was pondering this question as I tidied up my space. 

My sewing machines are very important, but then there are always needles and threads to stitch by hand.  I love all the different types of fabric I use, but if I was truly desperate, I could cut up some old clothes to use as a base fabric.  I have many different pens, pastels, inks, paints, etc, all of which have different uses, so it would be hard to stick to just one.  Same goes for all my threads.

So somewhat bizarrely, I think the most useful piece of kit in my studio is ... my Ikea stool! I kidnapped it out of the kitchen a few years ago, thus I need to climb on chairs in the kitchen to reach some things in cupboards.  But in my studio it is great.  I can reach everything on the top shelves and the ceiling to hang work (we have low ceilings!).  It is easy to climb up and down to put and adjust work on the design wall and takes up much less space than a ladder.  I use it as a seat when I need one to paint or print as that table is set just a little bit too low (any ideas for raising it?) and it makes a great footstool whilst I am reading or hand-sewing.   What more could I want?!

What is the most important thing in your studio?


Maggi said...

That is certainly a useful piece of kit. My most important piece is my Sewezi table which has made machine quilting so easy.

Sandy said...

I have been thinking about this. I have decided it has to be my special glasses. I was getting too frustrated about trying to thread needles. Well, thread needles thin enough for beading with beading thread. I have reading/sewing glasses but I was still taking them off and putting the needle up to my face for my natural focus range (not far!)

So, I convinced the optician to make bifocals which are 'reading/sewing' glasses on top and threading needles on bottom. I said the thing about trying to thread needles is that physically you can't get the thread into the needle at reading length. So she agreed

and voila! I am really happy because I do a lot of fine detail work.
That has to be the most important for me.

Gillian Cooper said...

Funny you should mention glasses Sandy as I've recently realised I need reading glasses as I've caught myself looking under my glasses to see to thread needles and sew. Age is catching up on me!

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