Monday, 17 November 2014

In my studio: lots of daily drawing

Greek Goddess sketch by Gillian Cooper in Conte Crayon
A few months ago I told you I was trying to do a daily drawing and shared some of the early pictures.  This felt like a bit of a luxury, taking time out from making the things I needed to do, but at the same time, I know it is important for my artistic practice.  So I’ve carried on with my (almost) daily luxury and each day I start with the treat of a large mug of tea and a blank piece of paper.  Almost all my drawings are related to my continuing Ancient Greek Goddess obsession, although occasionally it may be another ancient object such as a pattern from a vase or a little horse sculpture instead.  I started out in 4B pencil, moved into 8B as I love the smudge effect.
Inspired by a Greek Octopus pattern on a vase by Gillian Cooper.  Sketch in pastels

Currently, I’m playing around with the media more and more.  Yesterday was soft pastels, which I love, today was NeoColor, which I love a lot less!  Inktense and Conté crayons and fine tipped pens have also been hits.
Detail of Greek figure in pen by Gillian Cooper
Now my biggest problem is stopping and getting on with other work as I get very absorbed in the drawing and don’t want to stop, so I am devoting more and more time to it.  However, it is very good thinking time and hopefully I will be able to develop some of these ideas further.
Same detail as above but in Inktense by Gillian Cooper

Do you have a favourite medium to draw in?

My daughter getting in on the act - with more pastel on her than the paper!
Terracotta figure in pen by Gillian Cooper
Side view of Greek figure in Conte Crayon by Gillian Cooper


Maggi said...

I do admire your discipline. I'm suffering from the gloomy November blues at the moment and struggling to get anything done. How I miss the light.

Gillian Cooper said...

Maggi it tends to hit me later in the year - Janaury is my worst month because of the long dark days here. Luckily it hasn't been that wet during November so I've been able to savour the wonderful colours on the trees instead.

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