Monday, 10 November 2014

Out & About: the C&G students' show

Yesterday saw the exhibition of our C&G students.  It went up relatively fast on Saturday and it was gratifying to see how much work there was and how far the students have come over the two years. IT has been such a pleasure to teach and I will miss them.

On Saturday evening, a lovely group of their families and friends braved the horrid weather and came and suitably admired their work.  Then yesterday it was open to the public.  As with all exhibitions, it came down much faster than it went up!  Luckily though, there will be a second outing for their main pieces at the new Stitching, Sewing & Quilting Show at the SECC over the first weekend in March.  One or two of the final quilts still had some finishing required, so it will be lovely to see them completed.  If you are around in Glasgow that weekend, it will be worth a visit.


Maggi said...

The exhibition looks great, you must be very pleased with your students. Will you be continuing with a new group?

Gillian Cooper said...

I'm really pleased with their work - the development has been wonderful and it has been so rewarding to see the lightbulb moments.
I'd love to teach it again, but the Studio hasn't any plans to run it in the near future due to health issues. Fingers crossed though

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