Thursday, 29 January 2015

Unsung Muses at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Unsung Muses at the Scottish Storytelling Centre - the main wall
My exhibition is up and on show at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.  R took the day off work to come and help me hang it, which was brilliant.  As well as the work and all the hanging paraphernalia, we also packed a spade in the car as the snow forecast wasn’t very encouraging.  In the event, we had no problems, although as I write this now I have a lovely view of a white wonderland outside as it started snow just after we got home.  So I’m glad we were hanging the show yesterday.

Hanging the first piece
It was fairly straight forward, once I had played around with the layout of the pieces, as of course, the work feels different in a new location to what it did in the studio.  It has so much more space to breathe.  R’s height is a huge advantage in putting the work up, although it will make it fun for me to take down...It is fantastic to be able to display it in such a lovely location and the amazing high ceiling really helps show it off to best advantage.
Putting up the last
I also have a leaflet to accompany the exhibition and I’m pleased with how it looks too, containing the text I posted about the other week. 
The wrapped work before we got started
So if you are in Edinburgh before 21 February, please drop in to the Scottish StorytellingCentre and have a look.  It is open every day from 10-6, apart from Sunday.

Deciding what goes where

Hanging in progress

A new layout for some of the Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper

One of the new muses hanging

A panoramic view of the work


Christine Nielsen said...

I love the large muses. It inspires me to follow through on my determination to work larger, once the size-limited pieces for our regional show are complete.

Have fun at the opening tomorrow.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Christine. It's funny as I am now looking forward to working smaller, rather than tussling with my sewing machine!

irene macwilliam said...

The show looks great. Good luck with it. I hope you get lots of visitors.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Irene

Sue's Stitches said...

Looking good, Gillian. You must be very pleased to see all your work on display - well done! I'm sure the exhibition will be a great success - look out Alsace!

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Sue - it is lovely to see it all together on the walls - it does inspire me to make the next pieces - in fact, I'm ordering the fabric right now!

Vicki Miller said...

It looks wonderful and must be wonderful for you to see it all displayed!

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Vicki. It is lovely to have it all on display and to think of the stories they tell when placed together.

Maggi said...

Unfortunately I can't be there as it looks stunning.

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