Thursday, 15 January 2015

Using paintstiks to add details

Details in paintstik
As some of you may have seen on facebook, my next pieces are being made from transparent organza, which I have hand dyed.  The colours when laid on top of each other are very beautiful and I love that the impact of the colours changes dramatically depending upon what is behind them.  The colours seem strong when they are placed against a white wall, but much more ethereal when floating in the middle of the room.
Paintstiks and stencil brushes
This week I have been adding more detail to the pieces through oilstiks, using the same techniques as I used on the original Unsung Muses figures.  They react quite differently to the oilstiks than the cotton fabric, although that may be something to do with the huge amounts of fabric glue I have on them!
Paintstik details
I do enjoy using oilstiks, even if I get hugely messy – no matter how hard I try I have paint down my arms, face, my glasses, across the table and now in a very 21st century way on the screen of my phone.  I seem to prefer the iridescent ones as the little sparkle gives the paint a lift in a gentle, subtle way, not overly gaudy.
One of my stencils

These are some of the paintings I did yesterday.  The biggest downside is waiting for it to dry so I can add more on the reverse side and then for both sides to dry so I can add stitch on top as I am rather impatient.  Also time is running on and I have only 13 days until I hang the exhibition at the Scottish StorytellingCentre.  Less than 2 weeks to go!
Detail of paintstik

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