Friday, 20 March 2015

Solo exhibition at Farfield Mill

Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill
I'm feeling a bit de-mob happy today. My exhibition at Farfield Mill is on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  I'm really pleased with how it looks - obviously you are entitled to your own opinion. And so after several very intense months, the pressure is off slightly and I'm going to have a day or two off and relax.  Bliss!
Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill

It is a lovely feeling seeing the work at Farfield as it is a beautiful, well lit large space and I was able to place the figures where I wanted - no restrictions due to where the lines could be tied off.  The figures have space to breathe, but still have a 'conversation' with each other.  I had fun yesterday taking photos of them through the middles of other ones.  
Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill
Sara, the centre manager, was a fabulous help at hanging the work.  Bizarrely, it was where to put the wall pieces that caused more issues than the figures.  I think this is because they have been made over a period and so keep developing, whereas the figures, even though there are three new ones, have stayed pretty static in concept.  
Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill

I made a short, unpolished video on my phone, so you could get a feel for the exhibition, but I shot it vertically and when I try to load it onto the blog, it is showing sideways...  I tried making some videos on my expensive camera with a tripod, but they haven't worked - the movement is too jerky.  Another skill to work at when I have a moment!
Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill

The exhibition is up until 10 May, so there is plenty of time to see it and there are another two special exhibitions on at the same time.  I'm also running a workshop at Farfield on 10 May and there are still some places available if you are interested. 
Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill

Unsung Muses by Gillian Cooper at Farfield Mill, in the Foyer


Pheasant Run Studio said...

I love this display and wish I could walk through it; join in the "conversation".

Sandy said...

Love the reflections in the last photo.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thank you

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Sandy. The mirrors are beautiful. I'm so glad they were able to leave them there.

Margaret said...

It looks as though your exhibit fills the space perfectly, is beautifully hung and well lit. Wish I could see it in person! You definitely deserve a day off! :-)

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Margaret. Looking forward to my full day off on Sunday! It is a lovely gallery. Maybe one to add to your list when you finally visit the UK?

Maggi said...

It looks fabulous. I still remember that feeling I had while walking through your hanging pieces at FOQ.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Maggi. They still have the same feeling but more spead out and are interacting with the work on the walls. Very happy!

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