Monday, 5 October 2015

Art Quilt Fusion and others at the European Patchwork Meeting

Elly van Steenbeek Faith
Enough about my work at the EPM – what about the other fabulous artists?  I was in the village of Sainte-Croix-aux-Mines and there were three other venues there.  I snuck out from my gallery, leaving Richard and the kids in charge and had a look at the other work in the village. 
Brigitte Paumier Transition Serie 5
Next door in the church was Brigitte Paumier, who created beautiful mixed media collages, using stitch, various fabrics and paper.  
German Afghani Initiative
Also in the same venue was the German-Afghani Initiative with some gorgeous hand embroidered fabric, created by Afghani ladies as part of an exchange scheme.  You can find out more about it at and about their newest competition.
Praskovia Bogdokumova Mother's blessing
On the other side of the village at the Villa Burrus was a group of ladies from the Yakutia (or Sakha) region of Siberia in Russia.  37 of them had come with their intricate patchworks, created from a duffle-coat type fabric.  Traditionally the patchwork had been used for saddlecloths made from felt, but now they make wall hangings and other decorations too.  I really liked the subtle colour palette.
Elly van Steenbeek Faith (detail)

Finally, there were three or four exhibitions in the exhibition centre and I was really entranced by the work of the Art Quilt Fusion group.  I could have spent all day just looking at the work of Elly van Steenbeek.  Her colours, designs, choice of material, shapes were all amazing.  The work just shone for me.  
Hilde van Schaardenburg Flames
In the same group, I also enjoyed the gorgeous hand dyed and painted works of Hilde van Schaardenburg.  It was also a pleasure to meet her during the show.  
Sophie Santoir-Futbeyre Galactica (detail)
Also Sophie Santoir Furbeyre created the most luscious textures on her work.  All of the the artists in this group are established artists in their own right and it was great to see them get together to show their work.   I hope they continue to do so as the work was interesting and complimentary, without all being the same.

Elly van Steenbeek Waiting

Elly van Steenbeek Healing

Elly van Steenbeek Healing (detail)

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