Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My first students' C&G exhibition

So I haven't been very good at writing my blog recently. Happily this is due to positive reasons rather than sad events in my life. I've just been so busy teaching and getting the final round of C&G classes organised and having some exhibitions to run, oh and occasionally see the family, the blog has sat just that one stage too far down my to-do list to get written. Sorry. 

So new resolution - be less wordy and merely put the photos and information and ideas out there. There is definitely more chance of this!

End of grovel!  Now on to something more interesting instead. My first groups of C&G students finished at the weekend with an end of course exhibition. It went astonishingly well. Their work was finished, copious and well presented. I was incredibly proud. Lots of lovely people from far and wide came to see their show and seemed to really enjoy it. It was good to finally let my village see what we get up to and they were also impressed at how far some people had travelled. 

Wonderfil kindly sponsored some boxes of threads to encourage the finishing students to carry on stitching.  

Tea and cake was provided by Friends of Strathcarron Hospice and they raised over £590. 

These photos are some general shots. More details in the next post. They look empty because I took them before anyone arrived and during the private view - I didn't get an opportunity whilst it was properly open - it was all very busy!

PS C&G is sadly cancelling these great courses and there is only one final opportunity to study them with me starting in June.  Do email me at info(at) if you are interested in finding out more.


Sandy said...

Well done Gillian! You deserve a commendation, too!

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Sandy!

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