Saturday, 29 April 2017

Students' Patchwork & Quilting Exhibition

Sue Selwyn - final quilt
Here's some close up shots of my C&G students work from their exhibition at the weekend. It was a gorgeous sunny day, which made photographing some of the work hard, so I can't show you everything I'd like!  But these images will hopefully give you a taste of some of their fantastic work.  Also, these quilts do hang straight - it is my poor photography, not poor making skills.
Mahri Prince - samples
It is difficult to know how to describe their work - say 'patchwork' and people expect bed quilts made from traditional patchwork blocks; say 'creative textiles' and people expect nice homemade curtains; say 'art' and they expect paintings.  As the course is officially the City & Guilds Certificate or Diploma in Patchwork & Quilting, that was the name we used.  This resulted in many, generally pleasantly, surprised viewers.

Mahri Prince - detail of final quilt

Ellen Griffith - corset

Isobel Beveridge

Susan Briscoe - mixed media samples

Susan Briscoe - detail of final quilt

Moira Gaw - sketchbook 
Moira Gaw - final quilt

Chrystine Livingston - final quilt

Chrystine Livingston - sketchbook cover

Pamela Docherty - final quilt

Pamela Docherty - sketchbook

Sue Selwyn - ice dyed fabric

Catherine Palmer - final quilt


tea and cake said...

This is absolutely stunning work, such variety, skill and beautiful consideration. Appears to have been a highly successful exhibition.
I am so sorry to have missed it, but thank you for this peek into the happenings.
Karen P

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Karen. It was a fantastic day - a shame you were not able to have been there as it would have been lovely to see you

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