Thursday, 19 March 2009

All at sea

After a bit of a write off last week with a coldy bug and a migraine, it's back to normal this week. I finished the first block on the mystery quilt, which of course I can't show you as it is meant to be a mystery! I'm also trying to persuade myself to get on with making the final pieces for the Loch Lomond Show. I've got eight weeks, but I seem to keep putting it off as I want them to be perfect and I'm not 110% convinced yet that the inner fabric is just quite right. So that's this afternoon's task. I have to really start going for it. I did start covering the first frame in wadding this weekend and Dad asked yesterday who was making monsters, thinking it was the kids rather than my work...

It was the Quilters' Guild Regional Weekend and it was fun hearing Evelyn Ramsay and Delia Salter taking about their work. I also went to a workshop run by Delia about Making a Seascape. This was my effort. It's ages since I've been to a workshop so it was just fun playing with fabric and making something on a totally different theme to normal. I'm quite pleased with it, although it still needs some more work. It was a really weird piece as it looked totally different close up to from a distance. Some of the stitching which I thought had made not effect at all close up was almost too dominant when I looked at it from a distance. From the photo you get more of the distance view.

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