Monday, 23 March 2009

Funding Success

Had two lots of good news recently. My local authority scheme, Forth Valley Visual Artist Awards Scheme is giving me a grant to experiment and create some new work about the passing of time. Only a few days prior to this, another small grant giving group, Stirling Arts Forum had told me I had been successful and am getting a small grant to help towards making the work to go outside at Aberfoyle.

The oldest monster is beginning to understand money and was pleased. He thinks it is money for our holiday.... As if I would give up precious childcare money for that!

We were up at Aberfoyle again at the weekend in the sunshine and I was measuring the width of the trees to see how it would compare to my work. Luckily it is about the same. The trees look amazing. So I am starting to think about what I could make to hang amongst them. I think it will definitely be something felted, as it is something natural. I want it be stand out from the woods but not to be too blatant. But of course, I may change my mind before I finish the work.

1 comment:

Ruth Singer said...

that's brilliant! well done.
The seascape quilt is lovely too, I like that a lot!

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