Monday, 2 March 2009

exhibitions, exhibitions

Got some good news last week: my work is being included in an outdoor exhibition at the David Marshall Lodge, Aberfoyle on a Forestry Commission trail to a little waterfall. It's one of the family's favourite walks. The forest is beautiful, there are stunning views for miles, there is a waterfall to see and river to play in and the cafe is not too bad either. So, I'm really pleased to have my work included for the Interventions Show, which starts on 1 August. Not sure exactly what this work will be, but I'm sure it will involve fabric in some shape or form as I am fascinated by the the way it can disintegrate when left outside (or not!).
I also got an email confirming that my work was being included in a group show at the the Pittenweem Arts Festival (, which also starts on 1 August, as part of an invited group of craft practitioners at the 'cutting edge'. Given the space requirements, I'm also going to be making new work for this and was practicing on the embellisher this afternoon., hence the photos. I was very pleased when Janet Shelley approached me to be included in this show. All very exciting and I'm still getting started on making the fabric coverings for the frames for the Loch Lomond Show. I calculated the amount of fabric I needed today and I think I have just enough. This is a huge relief as I bought it four years ago from a shop over 400 miles away and I can't find it anywhere else and it may have been a one off.

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