Tuesday, 2 March 2010

37 steps to a workshop

I ran a workshop on Saturday afternoon in conjunction with the exhibition.  One of the participants had booked before it was open to the public because she had read about it here.  Hello, Susan if you are reading today.  Hope you enjoyed the workshop. We drew bits from photos and then used scraps of fabric to create the ideas into an artwork.  It was fascinating seeing what other people took from my photos and they highlighted things I hadn't really noticed - even though I've been staring at them for a year!  It went far too quick and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including me (!) which was great. 
I had hoped to have some more images from the exhibition to show you, but I ran out of time to photograph the second room properly on Saturday.  To give you a flavour, here are some shots of some of the 37 pieces on the wall in groups.  Having showed them on my blog as landscape pieces and having thought of them like that myself, they actually worked a lot better vertically!

1 comment:

maggi said...

Glad the workshop went well. I certainly agree with you about the orientation of the piece, they look great.

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