Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Felting fun

Just in case you thought I was spending too much time on 'serious' work, here are some pictures to show it isn't always the case (oh, the shame!).  Last week, I had a few friends round one evening to show them how to make felt.  We had a great time and the results were impressive.  I left the felt box out in case any of the children wanted to have a go and eventually they decided that they had to try just as I was heading off to the studio to do some serious work on Sunday.  Perfect timing as per normal.  However, I couldn't resist delaying and helping them make felt (or was it I was worried about what would happen with wet hands and small children and my precious box of wool tops?).
Here are my two year old's first attempts at felt.   She enjoyed making the first piece so much she had another go and then decided that playing with the soap bubbles was more fun.  One of her brothers was too busy playing a board game to be interested, but our seven year old thinks he knows it all after a two hour felt making class last summer.  This was his piece (on the right).
I realised after I invited my friends round to make felt that I hadn't made any for ages and even better couldn't find my felt samples box.  So I quickly made two little pieces to demonstrate how to make it.  To use the cliche, it was a bit like riding a bike - my hands seemed to know what to do without me having to think about it.  As I am so bad at tidying up the felt box is still out and I hope to make some more soon.  It was so much fun and no pressure to make something fabulous, although I am thinking about how I could use it next, once I've added some stitch.

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maggi said...

You are so right to use the felting/bike analogy, once you get started it is like you have never been away. I love stitching on felt, it is so well-behaved. Glad the children enjoyed it too.

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