Monday, 8 March 2010

The start of the next 37?

Having finished the work for my exhibition, I wanted to make some small (12in) pieces for a couple of charity things I feel I should contribute to. Although small, this is double the size of the 6 x 12in series I have just completed. With my mind still on the 37 steps imagery, it seemed a like a good opportunity to use them further and to see if they would scale up. I think I said I didn't want to make them any bigger, but hey, it is my prerogative to change my mind!

This first one was okay, but not quite how I wanted it. They grey background wipes out a lot of the colours of the thread.

The second one I tried looping the thread rather than stitching between the ‘blobs’. I like the idea of this, but can’t decide whether viewers would think it made the piece more 3-D or just plain messy. I’m sure there would be a mixture of both. The top black bit definitely does not work due to lack of shape. It looks like it landed there!

In the third one, I added bands of darker grey before stitching and to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake with the black, I added the black at the beginning. I’m not sure if it then looks too stitched about, rather than being over the stitching. I went back to ‘normal’ machine stitching, partly because it is easier to do (not sure if I should admit that!)

For version four, which is where I am now, I added black lines rather than grey. I think these are probably a bit too strong.

So the question is: which ones should I be happy with or is it back to the sewing machine to make version five. I know what I want to experiment with next. How many samples are required before I get it right or admit defeat or just accept that they are acceptable?  I think I am unsure which implies I'm not there yet.

Also how do I scale this even larger – to try a 37in version of one of my 37 steps?

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maggi said...

Difficult to say which is most effective because it is hard to see the stitching. I agree with you about the top black bit in photo 2. I like the idea of the black being over the stitching. As far as version 4 goes, have you thought about a darker grey rather than the stark black?

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