Thursday, 14 October 2010

Family Outing to the Quai Branly

Now this is how museum visiting should be with children.  The three of them sat down and drew with (washable) felt-tips, whilst I got to look and draw at the objects that interested me (I'm in the background standing up and drawing.  It diminishes the cosy image a bit if I let on that the youngest was just intent on scribbling colours and the middle one was drawing yet another maze, totally unrelated to the objects on show, but still they had a great time and so did the grown ups.  The cafe gave them ice-creams and us coffee with a little shot glass of chocolate mouse and a macaroon.  Almost idyllic.
Today however, I was on my own with three children in the Louvre.  Slightly ambitious maybe, but still they had agreed to a visit.  We had tantrums over lunch, walking, what to see and who ate the last sweetie (and with it my bribery tool).  They did do some drawing and I liked the floor patterns, but I didn't engage with the classical Greek sculpture the same way as I had with the non-Western art/objects at Quai Branly.  Part of it, I think is that it was harder to draw and more accuracy was required - not necessarily my strong point.  So thumbs up for the Quai Branly and whilst not necessarily thumbs down to the Louvre, maybe it wasn't the best choice. 
In fact, the highlight of today was messing around with all the colours of make up in Sephora on rue de Rivoli.  The kids loved being able to try out all the different colours of lipstick on their hands and their attempts with blusher restored the laughter.

Mask made of seal skin from Greenland

Guardian figure from the Gabon 19thC

Rain God from Mexico 1000-1521 AD, made from stone

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