Friday, 29 October 2010

Big Draw in Balfron

On Saturday, we held our first ever Big Draw event in Balfron.  A group of us has set up a not-for-profit organisation, called FAB to encourage art activities in our village.  Since August, we have set up the group, two other members have spent hours doing grant forms, we have all undergone Child Protection Training and many meetings, all to try and raise awareness of art here.
On Saturday it paid off.  Thanks to a very welcome grant from our local Community Council, two jars of sweets, curtesy of the local Co-op, we were able to hold a drop in and draw day, as part of the National Campaign for Drawing.  At the last minute we also heard that our grant application to Make a Splash had been successful and so our funding is secure for at least another three events like this. 
Everyone had a great time and more than 200 people turned up. 
Our local paper, the Stirling Observer, published my piece about it today and I'm really pleased with how it looked (and that they didn't alter my words too much!).  Unfortunately, the article doesn't seem to be online, so here are some of the pictures they used.
Katie drawing with pastels at an easel.  She spent about 40mins on this one drawing and lots of other kids really enjoyed drawing using grown-up easels too.

Louise adding her mark to the large floor drawing

Large scale painting

Luci and Aoife creating self portraits
There were free cakes and coffee, but to get your cake, you had to draw your fantasy cake on a paper plate.  There were over 250 on the walls by the end of the day.
Daniel adding Kalim's outline to our giant 'put yourself in the picture' drawing
Angus showing that even the youngest could get involved.
Ewan, a local artist, showing us how it should be done.
Julie, who hates getting her photo taken adding some detail to the stitch drawing.  I spent most of the day threading needles for people.  It was lovely to see so many people sewing, especially boys.


Dana W. Fisher said...

What a wonderful event, Gillian! Great turnout, too. Well done.
All the best,
Dana Fisher

Jimmy Boy said...

You can read the Stirling Observer article here:

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