Thursday, 4 November 2010

Amish Color Adventure

I'm in Houston for the Quilt Festival.  It's my first trip to the States in a decade and I've got a whole week here to enjoy the quilts and take some classes.  It's very strange not having any children with me, but we decided it wasn't best practical to bring them and it is nice not to have to rush back to make sure that they are suitably entertained.  Yesterday I took a class with Roberta Horton called Amish Color Adventure. 
To be honest, it wasn't on my list of classes to take, but when I turned up yesterday morning, there was a space available as someone had to drop out (sorry Sonya).  As the Quilt Festival didn't start until the evening, I thought what the heck and signed up.
I didn't have any supplies with me, but people were incredibly generous at sharing (thank you) and I learned lots about Amish quilts and how to think about colour a bit differently. 
We made two mock-up quilts.  The top one was the morning one and in the afternoon we progressed to flower baskets.  The tiny triangles were from a 3/4in square so were really fidly.  The top picture of the flower baskets shows the starting position.  The next one what happens when you change some of the colours slightly.  There are two changes in each block.  The final picture is after adding the borders.  They were Roberta's choice of colours.  I would never have chosen bright pink and green, but strangely they work!  I'm off to another workshop now - something completely different

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