Saturday, 6 November 2010

Paintstik Inspirations

When I knew I was coming to Houston, one thing I wanted to learn more about was more ways to add colour and texture to my fabric, so Laura Murray's Paintstik Inspirations workshop was definitely on my list. I'm really glad I got on the course (apparently it was very over-subscribed). I spent a lovely morning, not only learning lots but having loads of fun playing around with the paintstiks.
The first two images are made using irridescent paintstiks and rubbing them over texture plates.

This one was made using a stencil - I haven't used stencils for years - it made me think it might be a fun thing to try at ArtWorks with the kids sometime soon.

This one was trying colouring a cream fabric, then rubbing and finally adding the stencil.

At the end of the morning, Laura suggested that we make a quick sampler of the techniques we tried.  This is on dark green fabric.  I was really pleased with the results and can see great potential for what I want to do next...  It was definitely worth washing the fabric to remove the size in the hand basin of my hotel room the other evening and then ironing it.  I don't think I have ever ironed in a hotel room before!


Angela said...

You're in Houston?! Wow...lucky you! Great results too - I've been having a go with this too recently but need much more practice ;o) Love the Oak leaves :o)
Ang x

Cath said...

It sounds as though you are having a great time Gillian, and this technique looks so much fun and full of potential. It's given me an idea for some Christmas cards!

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