Sunday, 14 November 2010

Eye of the Quilter at Houston

Eye of the Quilter at International Quilt Festival
Although I may not have had a quilt on show in Houston (I'm not sure my technical abilities are up to it and you have to enter to be in with a chance of being shown), there is a little side competition called the Eye of the Quilter, which asks quilters to submit photos which inspire them. I had one of mine included - a photo of a rainbow over the north of Scotland. By chance, it was one of the first exhibits I saw when I arrived at the show. It was very exciting to see my work, even if it was a photograph and I was really surprised to see a second one of mine there too - the sunset over the sea loch. I was only expecting one. I didn't get someone to take my photo with my photos, although I was tempted...!

My photo is the one second from the bottom
The other photos were amazing and very inspiring. I actually spent ages looking at the photos rather than the quilts.  Some of them had fantastic use of light and there was one of the Eiffel Tower very similar to what the kids were taking when we were there last month. 

My photo is the one at the top.  The bright light is flash reflection, rather than part of the photo

As an added bonus, I was given the mounted photo back from last year's competition. It made it home safely and it is now sitting on our mantlepiece, with it lovely red shades (it's a photo of a cowbeb on top of an autumnal bush), with two silver stick men sculptures in front of it. The boys made these in our kids art class yesterday morning and the results are rather good. Hopefully I'll post some photos from it when I upload them from my camera later this week.

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