Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The River

We are in Paris on a week's holiday and this was a fantastic installation we saw at the new museum called Quai Branly. The building itself is beautifully designed. It has a curving walkway up to the galleries, which are all black, with light filtered through the windows which were covered with a black mesh. There was lots to listen to as well as see. This installation was in the walkway up to the galleries and is by Charles Sandison. Called 'The River', it is as its name implies a river of words flowing down the path. Words got caught by the current and pushed on quickly, others get caught at the edges and move very slowly. There was even a waterfall of words down a column. The projection was onto the visitors too, which was fun and a storyteller taking round a group of nursery children suggested that our children were fishes in the flow as they lay down and let the words pass over them.
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