Thursday, 27 January 2011

Figures set in stone

This week I have been playing with the idea of my figures and how to get them onto fabric.  These have all been made using paintsticks, rubbing plates and self-cut stencils, on different background.  The one at the top is my favourite, although I don't see it going forward as this project progresses - it is a bit too decorative for me and also I think the figure needs some space around it, rather than being on such a busy patched background.  All the others are in order of my making them.

The first two were stencilled onto some old lilac shirting.

This was on another patched background.  The lines across are too solid, so this got altered for the next two.
There are no lines across on this one, and the stencilling on the large shape follows the painted shapes on the original figurine I am basing it on.  Not too sure of the colours and for some reason, it makes me think of one of the early 20th century Ballet Russe costume.
This one has the lines across again and no detailing on the figure.  I'm not too sure it still looks like a figure, but this is something I want to play with:  how far can you go in stylising a human figure before it loses the connection to an identifiable person?

This final one was painted with help from my daughter.  I'm really getting into the creative zone, which is great for my work, but I can see issues for the family over the next few weeks/months whilst it continues as I want to keep making rather than cooking/cleaning etc...  K decided she wanted in on the act when I was playing on the other figures when she was around and to have a go with my art materials, rather than her own 'boring' crayons.  I suppose I have to agree that my oil painsticks are probably more fun.

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