Monday, 17 January 2011

Snow Dyeing - the results

The snow here finally went on Saturday - a full seven weeks after the first snow fall, so it now seems a good time to show you the results of the snow dyed fabric. When I washed out the snow dyed fabric, the end results were a lot softer and more interesting, more crystallised patterns. I really like them. The children wanted to do something with their pieces of fabric and so each of them made a cushion for their Dad as a Christmas present. It was something to do in all the days they missed school due to the snow. More fabric shapes were added using bondaweb and then we quilted the fabric on my Pfaff sewing machine. Rather than making regular shapes, we made the cushions from the fabric pieces: two are small rectangles and the other larger and more square. They are filled with offcuts of wadding - that in itself kept them amused for ages!

Dad was very pleased with the cushions but hasn't much more to say about them just now - he's too busy on crisps and beer and watching TV (I had to say this as it is true at the moment and so stereotypical and so unlike R!)

I was so pleased with the fabrics that we have used this technique for dyeing fabric at our local school nursery/kindergarten.  I'm helping out with their current project which is a cross between Narnia and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Chinese New Year.  The fabric below, which the kids dyed last week is going to be turned into a Chinese dragon's body later today - with a little help from 36 pint sized helpers!


maggi said...

Nice cushions and what a good idea to get the children involved throughout the whole process.

Cath said...

Some really lovely results there Gillian, and I bet the children had a whale of a time!

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