Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Festival of Quilts 2012 part 1

Monsteriosity by Jan Frazer

Last weekend I spent a fantastic four days at the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham. Each time I go there, I meet up with old friends and meet some lovely new people, which is fantastic. I was meant to be teaching, but unfortunately it had been cancelled by the organisers as not enough people had signed up. If you had signed up, I'm really sorry and I would have happily run the class with the smaller numbers of students. This meant I had four days just to wander and enjoy the show and of course chat to lots of people. As always the work on show is mixed, some galleries and art work are very exciting, others leave me wondering why I quilt!

Please, Take a Chair by Vivien Little

This year the highlight for me was the European Art Quilt gallery. Some pieces were beautiful, others had strong composition, all very thoughtful and brilliantly executed. No photography was allowed and although I bought the catalogue with a disc of images in it, I don't think I am allowed to reproduce them here. I can't wait to write about these works for Popular Patchwork.
Drawn to Fields by Marian Hall

I was allowed to take photos of the competition quilts so here are some that I liked.

Rule the Waves? by Mags Ramsay

Beach by Stephanie Redfern


magsramsay said...

Thank you so much for featuring my quilt!- it's called 'Rules the Waves?' and I can send you a photo. I hate that you have to use the generic title in the Guild Challenge!
Lovely to catch up on the SAQA stand however briefly.

Gillian Cooper said...

I've changed the name - it's a much better title. If you send me an image, I'll put it on the blog. It is always really hard to get good photos at the FoQ given the 'interesting lighting'!
It was great to see you too. And I picked this piece, not realising it was by someone I know and whose work I admire!

Maggi said...

Thanks for sharing the images and your thoughts. Good to meet up with you again on the SAQA stand.

Margaret said...

Thanks for sharing. I live too far away (Western Canada) to attend, though I heard about some of it from my C&G tutor, Linda Kemshall. I appreciate being able to see others' work, and would never refuse photos if it were left up to me. :-) I think original pieces are much harder to reproduce than one might expect.

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