Friday, 31 August 2012

Next journal quilt

Past Present I by Gillian Cooper
After trying to play with design for my last set of four journal quilts and not enjoyed the experience, I decided for this four, I would use them to continue to explore the themes in my main body of work.

I'm not sure if that made it easier or whether I just found shades of yellow as the designated theme easier to work with than shades of red.  I did bend the yellow a little to include some yellowy brown. 
Of the four, I think this is the least successful.  I'll show you the others over the next few days.
Past Present I (detail) by Gillian Cooper

I collaged some newspaper onto fabric and then painted over the top.  I think the contrast between the black print and the yellow paint did not leave much room to allow the stitching to come to the forefront, no matter what colour I used.  However, it was a useful exercise to try and I will use the technique again, but with a darker paint!


Maggi said...

I think that it is a good idea to reference your main body of work with these. How is yellow brown bending the rules - it wouldn't look as good with just basic yellows.

Gillian Cooper said...

I think it was more a question at which point does yellow become a totally different colour, it is a rather red-brown rather than a yellow-brown. But I agree, it definitely needs more than simple yellows to make an interesting piece.

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