Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fabric purchases at the Festival of Quilts

Normally I don't actually spend much money on supplies at the Festival of Quilts.  A mixture of maybe not quite the right supplies being sold for me and sheer bewilderment at the choice of fabrics and threads available. However, this year, I went with several purchases in mind, and I can't quite believe how much I spent.

I'm intending writing a book or e-book or expanded blog this year about log cabin quilts, so needed the fabric to make them. I decided to ignore my daughter's comment from a few months ago that I never needed to buy fabric again and that I should use up everything on my shelves...



I also expanded my collection of paintstiks for my art pieces, as now all the children are at school I should have more time to create and I have loads of ideas milling around in my head about how I want to move my unsung muses figure pieces forward.

When I saw the woven bands of soft cotton at the African Fabric Shop, I knew immediately that it could make any interesting addition to this work.

Then there were some books I couldn't resist: Pauline Burbidge is an artist I've admired for years and I was thrilled when Bridget from Popular Patchwork commissioned me, without any pushing on my part, to interview her for the magazine. Watch this space for details of the article.

 I also purchased the CQ@10 book and the EAQ catalogue.

To round it all off, I also purchased some Wonderfil rayon thread. I just liked the look of it!


sheppeylass said...

Yummy! :)

Maggi said...

Very nice. It's always a good idea to go with the intention of purchasing certain things rather than to shop aimlessly.

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