Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The fourth yellow journal quilt

Past Present IV by Gillian Cooper
For my final yellow journal quilt, I decided to try something a little different.  On one of the (many) wet days in the summer holidays, the monsters and I were playing with modelling clay.  They did some nice pieces, but pretty soon wandered off to do something else.  They kept coming back to see why Mummy was taking so long!  I had great fun shaping the clay and marking it with some of the motifs from my ancient female figurines.  These circle shapes were made at the end as they were really running out of patience with me, but I like the rawness of the rough edges and the imperfect circle shapes. I can definitely see some potential in using them going forward. 
Past Present IV (detail) by Gillian Cooper

The final four journal quilts of the year have the theme of shades of blue.  I'm going to try and finish these in a more timely fashion...!


Maggi said...

A good idea. Is this the same as paper clay or is it heavier. Looked but couldn't see it attached by stitching so assume it must be glued.

Gillian Cooper said...

It is standard modelling clay, so it isn't very light. I did debate stitching it in place but finally decided I liked the cleaner lines of the shapes by themselves, so I glued it.

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