Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CQ@10 book

At the Festival of Quilts the other week, I was constantly asked if I had any work in the show. I felt like I was doing something a bit wrong when I said no, which is a bit silly as there was no reason why I would have anything this year. Actually, it wasn't quite true as a bag I had made using a pattern from the Creative Handbags magazine was on the Popular Patchwork stand, but that doesn't really count!

I was also asked the same question about the CQ@10 book, which as well as being a catalogue for their exhibition, also had works from their other projects over their first ten years. Again the answer was no, as I am a relatively recent member of CQ (the Contemporary Quilt Group of the Quilters' Guild) and am only currently taking part in their journal quilt project for the first time. Hilary who was organising the book had asked for images from the current project and I hadn't sent any, partly because the timing was whilst I was away and mainly because I don't think they were amongst my best work. I was really surprised when I flicked through the book that evening and found my journal quilt was included (it's the top right). And actually, besides all the other little red quilts it didn't look too bad. I'm very pleased to be included so. A big thanks to Hilary Gooding, who I only met for the first time at the Festival of Quilts for including my work.

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Maggi said...

It's a lovely book and so good to see so many images in it.

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