Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Different types of PomPom

For our PomPom BlossomFestival, we are going to need over 1,000 pompoms for it to have a real impact.  Whilst I’m not intending to make all 1,000 myself and am putting most of my efforts into recruiting others to help (have you made one yet?), I’m making my contribution. 

Rather than just keep making traditional wool pompoms, I’ve been experimenting, trying out different types.  Plastic bag strips make really nice pompoms, though you shouldn’t use biodegradable bags as they can make a real mess as they disintegrate. 

Fabric strips are lovely and soft and give a lovely shape when finished.  I’ve also tried out wool dipped in PVA glue and wrapped round a balloon as a mould, which I’ve then popped.  This was successful on my second attempt; the first time all the wool just slid off the balloon. 

I’m hoping to try some giant ones once I’ve worked out how to stop the middle falling out and have sufficient wool to do them.

Do you have any other suggestions for unusual pompoms?

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