Friday, 1 March 2013

PomPom exhibition opportunity

And finally I can tell you what I have really been working on over the past few months... my next big project is to turn Balfron into an open-air art gallery for the month of June, by hanging PomPoms with words attached from as many trees as possible. 
forgotten how to make a PomPom?  Instructions are available on

I know most people have better things to do with their lives than to organise a PomPoms exhibition, but to me it seems like a fantastic opportunity I’ve created.  I get to make lots of textile hangings to display outdoors and share them with a wider audience than would normally see them in an art gallery AND even better, I get to ask people around the world to help me and make their own interpretation of PomPoms and send them to me to be included in the exhibition.  I can’t wait to see what arrives and what gets made.

When I say ‘people’ I mean you! To make this exhibition a resounding success I need thousands of PomPoms, both traditional and contemporary interpretations.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make me a PomPom to be included in the exhibition.  Big or small, wool or plastic or patchwork or whatever, I need them all.  I’ll include them on the special PomPom blog and if you want them back, send a SAE and I’ll do my best (no guarantees given it is an outdoor exhibition).  Also, could you ask your friends to make one or two too?  I promise to post loads of pictures so you can see what they look like, or better still come and visit them! Please help me make this a huge success and create a fabulous PomPom exhibition and international PomPom community!

We also have a special facebook page   Please like us and raise awareness of the project!

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