Thursday, 21 March 2013

Festival of Quilts Competition Update

Having created a bit of a storm last year by publishing my thoughts on the Festival of Quilts judging and categories, it is only fair to update you on what has been happening. 

I am really impressed that both Twisted Thread and the Quilters’ Guild have been listening to what we were saying and have changed the competitions for this year’s FoQ.  There is a brand new category of Fine Art Quilt Masters and the brief reads a bit like an update from the old ‘Quilt of the Year’ competition.  They have also tweaked the definitions of art quilt and contemporary.  You can find out more here, along with the entry forms.

I urge you to enter, take part and visit the Festival of Quilts, because whatever you think of the competition, it is the best chance in the UK to see high quality quilts and to meet up with the quilters who make them.

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