Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Art with the kids: 3 types of painting and printing with a 7 year old

As a treat from our visit to the Ming exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland the other weekend, we bought some rice paper and an ink stick to play with at home.  

We’ve been enjoying an Indian summer here and so the other evening after school, we took the paper, ink, some brushes and a little bowl outside to try. 
We got some lovely marks, using the ink in different strengths and pressing on the brush in other ways.  It was a very relaxing half hour for me and I think the seven year old did too!

She and I have been exploring in the studio quite a bit recently (this can be interpreted as I want to be in the studio playing so I need to find something the kids want to do there too!).  I brought back some sun printing paper from the States for them and we finally gave it a go.  In typical kid fashion she was pleased with her first attempt and didn’t want to do any more – as an adult I always want to do more.  

We’ve also been experimenting with the gelli-plate printing, another extravagance from America.  I’ll show you some of my results soon once I get going on it, but it was fun just to try out.

This all sounds like some kind of mothering idyll.  It certainly isn’t!  We haven’t made any art for months, even less since I stopped running kids art classes and whilst we’ve been doing these pieces, the boys have been out playing or playing on computers.  Still we can all do impressions of good parenting at times, especially when it overlaps with my studio interests!

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