Friday, 26 September 2014

Out & About: 20th Anniversary Show at the EPM

Josy Narcy 2002 & 2014
I took well over 700 photos whilst I was in Alsace and I’ve just spent this morning trying to sort them out.  I’ve been organised and sorted them into folders.  The next task is to go through and delete the out of focus ones, before I can start to consider them properly.
France Brechignac 1990 & 2014
With over twenty locations to visit there was certainly plenty of quilts to see and many of them veered more into textile art than traditional quilting, which suited me.  It was really inspiring to see so much art created in textiles.  I came home really fired up to continue the pieces I have on the go.
Gaby Mett 2014 & 2002
The first exhibition I want to share is the special one that celebrated the 20 years of the show.  About 90 artists who have exhibited over the past 20 years were asked to contribute a quilt they made in the past and create a new one specially for the show.  It was really interesting to see how people have developed (or not!).  Many seem to have started in traditional quilts and moved more into art quilts.  I don't think anyone in the exhibition had moved in the other direction.
Olga Prins-Lukowski 2005 & 2014
It was quite difficult to photograph as they were hanging in a silver mine museum, with lovely natural daylight (and therefore lovely natural shadows) and some were in corners so I couldn’t get straight angles, but hopefully these will give you a flavour of some of them.  It’s a shame there was a publication to accompany the show or that the exhibition isn’t touring as it was a fascinating survey of quilt art over the past twenty years.

Bente Vold Klausen 2009 & 2014

Charlotte Yde 2000 & 2014

Jane Lloyd 2000 & 2008

Mirjam Pet Jacobs 2003 & 2014


quilthexle said...

I so agree !! I would have loved a catalogue of that special exhibition - so much to study and observe ...

Maggi said...

Thank you for sharing this part of the show.

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