Monday, 29 September 2014

Out & About: SAQA Wide Horizons at EPM

Sue Payne with her quilt Roofscape
Whilst at the EPM in Alsace, I spent a very pleasant hour and a half manning the SAQA stand with Sue Payne.  I hadn’t met Sue before, but she was lovely as was her quilt, which you can see with her in the photo.
Berlin Reichstag by Hilde van Schardenburg
The SAQA exhibition was called ‘Wide Horizons’ and I had entered a piece which hadn’t been accepted.  Naturally, I was disappointed.  Often I have heard people say that “it’s not your work, it just didn’t fit in with the exhibition and to make the exhibition work well, there needs to be some kind of cohesion”.  Although I understand the sentiment, it wasn’t until I looked at the Wide Horizons show that I realised how true it was.  The piece I had submitted would have stood out like a sore thumb besides these works.  For once in my life I had used bright colours – and guess what? – most of these were beautifully subdued.  Size-wise too, mine would have taken up a lot of space and that would have restricted the numbers of other pieces that would have been on show.  It was very interesting to see.  And whilst I’m not saying that was the reason my piece was not accepted – it may not have been good enough, the jurors may not have liked it etc – it helped me realise why sometimes you get rejections. 
Gillian Cooper Chaos

In the meantime, here are some more of the lovely quilts that were on show.

Stretching Time I by Pirjam Pet-Jacobs

Drift by Sue Hotchkis

Thoughts by Elly van Steenbeek

Aftermath by Khurshid Bamboat

Silence 2 by Karin Oestergaard


Maggi said...

Thank you for these Gillian. I love your piece although can understand how it wouldn't have been a good fit. Maybe you could put some pics into the SAQA UK Yahoo site for those of us who couldn't get there this year.

Gillian Cooper said...

Good idea Maggi. I'll add some or email the apt person tomorrow.

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