Monday, 9 February 2015

More daily drawings

Inktense on paper. Drawing by Gillian Cooper
Continuing on my sporadic posting about my daily drawing, here are a few of the recent ones. 
Pencil on paper.  Drawing by Gillian Cooper
Daily is definitely overstating the case, but on the weekdays I’m at home I try and spend the first 20-30 minutes of my day drawing.  It is very relaxing and a good way to prepare myself for the workday ahead and prioritise what I’m going to do (and if I’m being brutally honest catch up with some TV I’ve missed on my i-Pad in the background...!).
Inktense on paper. Drawing by Gillian Cooper
It is difficult to stop some days as it is generally very pleasurable.  I’ve also been getting a bit looser and working from my imagination a bit rather than just drawing from photos, which was the original intention.  Whilst there is nothing wrong in this, I was trying to be a bit more disciplined and improve my drawing skills rather than ‘invent’ and ‘cover up’, which are my normal techniques.

Pen on paper. Drawing by Gillian Cooper
Anyway, I’m curious to know which style you like best.
Inktense on paper. Drawing based on tile pattern by Gillian Cooper

Inktense on paper. Drawing by Gillian Cooper
Inspired by my 7 year old's drawing.  She is so proud that I based this on her drawing that she has framed the original!  I think hers works better - it is freer somehow.

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Maggi said...

I do like the intensity of that first Inktense piece and there is something very ethereal about the next to last one.

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