Monday, 16 February 2015

Rest & Relaxation: photos from a week in Northumberland

Sunrise at Craster

The last week we went on our annual family holiday to Northumberland.  For the first time, neither R nor I had to go to work for any of the week (although I did take some work with me!), which was lovely and made it feel even more relaxing than normal.
Snowdrops at Alnwick Gardens
As this is about the fifth year in a row we have been to Craster in the February break, we end up doing the same things each year and I take lots of photos.  So we went to Alnwick Garden and the fountains were amazing as were the snowdrops.  And of course Lindesfarne is a great place to visit.  This year we spent more time exploring the island – benefit of the kids being slightly older – and I had fun photographing the landscape.  Looking over the dunes, it felt almost lunar. 
Sand dunes at Lindesfarne

Tide patterns at Lindesfarne
And like Pauline Burbidge, who is inspired by the sea and sand at Lindesfarne, I also photographed the patterns left by the tide on the enormous expanses of sand.  I drew the line at drawing (no pun intended!) as it was literally freezing. 
Sand ripples at Lindesfarne

Sunrise at Craster
Again, as usual, we had beautiful weather and the sun rises and sunsets were awe inspiring.  New for this year, we went for a night walk, but it was cloudy so there are no star photos – maybe that’s the goal for next year!
Sunset at Craster

Waves at Craster



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Maggi said...

Mmm, some very interesting inspiration in those photos.

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