Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Setting up the Muses at the European Patchwork Meeting


I made it!  After a 36 hour journey from Scotland to Ste Marie aux Mines in France on Saturday and Sunday, I spent yesterday hanging my show with my team of helpers. 

We had some fun communication issues trying to find the hanging rods (my French has improved greatly- I now know the words for screw and ladders!), but apart from that it all went really smoothly. 
I'm in the Presbytère in Ste Croix aux Mines and it has two rooms. One painted lilac, the other pink. This had been one of my concerns before coming here, but actually it hasn't affected the work too much. So if you are coming to the show, please pop in and say hello. I'm there the full time from Wednesday to Saturday and now the work is in place, I'm greatly looking forward to it. 

Today is a day off as we got all the hanging down yesterday, which is nice. We're intending to go castle hunting. 

I'll write more about the show later as this is being tapped out on my phone so it is a little hard. I intended posting this post last night, but there is no phone reception at our house. Still it is well worth it for the views!  


Sandy said...

Oh well done. I can imagine your concern about the pink!
All the best for the exhibition. Glad you were able to take the apprentices.

Gillian Cooper said...

Thanks Sandy. Apprentices were surprisingly useful!

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