Monday, 8 February 2010

The aftermath

Having finally finished all 37 of the pieces needed for the exhibition, I thought it was time to be honest and let you see what my studio is like.  This first photo is of my scraps box - now a pile - just from this project.  It takes up a good third of my work table.
These are just some general shots of my studio, showing why I really need to spend some time tidying up and organising.  However, I never seem to quite get round to it and I still have to finish installing the exhibition, organise the workshop that I'm running on 27 February relating to the exhibition and I have some new ideas bubbling as well as some older ones ready to resurface...  I don't think I'll ever properly tidy it.  If I do, I'll definitely share the photos as I will be so shocked and pleased with myself!


Cath said...

I LOVE it!! My space gets just as bad, but at least it proves that REAL work has been happening.

maggi said...

My space looks like that whilst I am working but I just have to get it into order before starting something new.

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