Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Exhibition Invite

I was really excited this morning when I arrived at the Tolbooth in Stirling to see a huge poster with my name on it and an enormous picture of my work.  There were also piles of cards of invites to the exhibition waiting to be sent out.  So here it is - an invite.  The image on the card doesn't have the flash mark - it was dark when I took it and it is on lovely thick shiny card.
The preview is from 7-9pm on Friday 12th.  Also mentioned on the card is thefree workshop I am running on Sat 27th Feb, but you need to book for it as places are limited.
Of course, even with all this excitement, it was back down to earth as I started installing the exhibition today.  Unfortunately my 37 pieces cannot go on the floor as I have originally intended.  I knew they may be subjected to some damage and was okay with this, but then the curator, Emma remembered about the state of the floor after the normal private view with red wine split everywhere.  Oh.  So now they are going on the wall.  This changes how they are going to be viewed, so they need some more work...  back to the cutting and ironing boards!

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maggi said...

Wish I lived nearer.

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