Sunday, 7 February 2010

Triumphant 37

Triumphant as in I'VE FINISHED ON TIME!  I actually managed to make 37 pieces in 37 days that I am happy with and which (to me) look great on the gallery walls.  Hurrah!  I've still got a bit of sanity left and the family have been fed (just) and are wearing almost clean clothes (shame about the ironing).  I'm sad to have lost my excuse to bury myself in my studio and make - it has been so much fun.  Now comes the small matter of making the exhibition work... then onto the next project. 
For those wanting details, this is hand dyed felt and painted fabric (it originally was a pale marbled effect), with some machine stitching.


Cath said...

Well done Gillian!
I wish I lived nearer so that I could come along later this week to view your exhibition.
Good luck with it.

maggi said...

Congratulations. Go and treat yourself to something special.

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