Saturday, 6 February 2010

Trembling 36

In my rush to get to the end, I have buried or lost my fabric pastels somewhere.  They must be in the studio as I used them earlier in the day, but I can't find them.  So I couldn't add the colours I wanted.  The base fabric is the same as no.34, but using the wrong side - the marks the pastels made are more subtle this way.  So in the end, I changed colours for the lines and added a layer of chiffon to pull the piece together.  Tremblingly close to the end of this project now - won't you be pleased when T disappears from the blog titles!


maggi said...

I do wish I was going to be able to see them all together. Will you be able to get a photo with them all in when they are displayed?

Gillian Cooper said...

I won't be able to get them all in one photo as they are going on the four walls of the room. Maybe I can collage them together to give you an idea or maybe you can think of another venue which would be willing to show them!

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