Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Artworks First Exhibition

On Saturday, we had the first exhibition of the work the children had made in our classes. When we got it all set up, we were impressed at the quality and variety of the work on show. We hadn't realised how much there was.  In just six sessions of one hour, they had made cut paper collages on black card, plaster of paris models, which they painted, ‘stained glass’ using tissue paper and sheets of acetate and some felt. There was also two group collages of houses and trees and each session they had drawn little postcards inspired by famous artists and we put some of these on the walls too.
At the same time as the exhibition, Dawn ran an open art session and visitors could add to the tissue paper rainbow, draw houses or people for a huge collage or add wishes and drawings to a little tree.  I felt a bit guilty as I couldn't be there once it opened as I had the Open Studios on, but everyone told me it looked fantastic and they had a great time.  And we have several children who have signed up for next term already. 

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Anonymous said...

They must be so proud of their work and obviously enjoyed it if some have signed up again.

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