Thursday, 17 June 2010

Open Studios is now on!

Yes, you can come and visit my studio at the moment as part of Forth Valley Open Studios.  So far this week, I have had over 60 visitors ranging in age from under a year to lots more than that.  Just to show off that I did manage to tidy my studio, here are some photos of my studio and the work set out in my living room and on the landing.  It was a bit frantic getting it ready.  The rest of the house is as untidy as normal, but I am proud of myself for actually tidying and not doing much 'dumping' into other rooms and closing the door.
To make sure people know which house they are meant to be visiting, I've hung some quilts out from the upstairs windows and wrapped the lamposts with some of the knit I made to go around trees. The local children love it!


Anonymous said...

Looks like your efforts have paid off. Everything is looking great.

Hellie said...

Visited you twice such a wonderful home such insperation. Thank you and all the very best with all the fantastic work you do.

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