Thursday, 24 June 2010

Open Studio Madness

In a moment of weakness, I agreed that the local school nursery could come round to my Open Studios.  They are all aged between three and five.  They came in two groups, each with about sixteen children and it all went remarkably well.  We split the groups so half played in the garden, whilst the others came and looked at the work.  They loved the idea of the knitting and felting and all of them had a go on my Huskystar embellisher (needle felting machine).  You forget how much they have to learn at that age and few of them could manage a foot pedal and moving the fabric with their hands at the same time, but they loved the result, as you can see from these photos. So did the staff, so I may have to go in and do some more with them at some point next school year to make a bigger hanging for the nursery walls.
My little talk obviously made an impression on them.  My youngest is also the youngest at school nursery.  She remembered that wool came from sheep, although she was talking about woolly cows.  When asked what you use wool for, she replied 'artwork'.  I suppose she has never seen any practical knitting or textiles being made at home!

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Anonymous said...

Love the idea of wooly cows and wool being used for artwork!

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