Friday, 25 October 2013

Inspiration: Pinterest Friday: Sketchbooks

one of my current sketchbook pages, exploring memory and passing of time
Today’s Pinterest Friday is sketchbooks.  It wasn’t meant to be!  I started out with some other ideas when I went onto Pinterest today, but it was these exquisite sketchbook pages that really caught my attention, so I went with it.

I think sketchbooks cause a ridiculous amount of anxiety to artists and art students.  We all get seduced by beautiful drawings and spreads and I think the most asked questions of any course I have taught relate to how to keep a sketchbook.
Drawing at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Hepworth sculptures
Personally, my sketchbooks are working drawings and scribbles, which mean something to me, but which are not a lot to look at.  I really struggled to find lovely spreads to share with you, especially those without lots of written comments.  Still, it was fun to look through my old sketchbooks and to recapture some of the joy I had in creating these pages, as well as recovering old ideas that might reappear in some new work soon... And my pages are real, not created to be looked at, but as part of my working process.  Sketchbooks can be an art in themselves, but I’m a textile based artist, not a sketchbook one, so I can enjoy looking at them, but not want to replicate it myself.



A college sketchbook page on blue

A college sketchbook page on blue

Starting ideas for Unsung Muses

Unsung Muses developed a bit further
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