Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Out & About: North York Moors

Scotland has very different school holidays to England and, I imagine, to the rest of the world, so last week was our ‘October week’, or half term holiday.  I believe that most of England still has a week to go.  Rather than stay at home and get depressed at all the things I need to do, but am not doing, such as tidying up, cleaning, repairing old computers etc, I took the kids down to the North York Moors for the week.  It’s an area I have never visited before and we all greatly enjoyed it.  The final count was three abbeys (Whitby, Rievaulx and Byland); two castles (Pickering and Helmsley), two fish and chip meals out, some rather nice cakes and tearooms, one return steam train journey, one run around on a beach, one folk museum (Ryedale) and lots of forest walks.  It was a lovely time, made even better when R joined us for the weekend.  And for all this activity, it was very relaxing.  Surprisingly I hardly read at all (I think I read over 10 books in our two week summer holiday...) and didn’t do much sewing.  It was more fun just cuddling the kids on the sofa in front of the TV in the evening than stitching.

Luckily the children love exploring ruins as much as I do, so they were happy running around them as I played around with the new camera settings on my phone.  We all liked making panoramas! 
I really enjoyed investigating the woods and taking close up photographs.  I’ve also pressed lots of leaves and berries into a sketchbook to see if they will colour the pages.  Fingers crossed that it doesn’t go mouldy first...

We’re all back to normal today and it is nice to be back in the studio working whilst still ignoring all the house things I need to do.


Margaret said...

I have to tell you the Rowan drew me in. Here in Central Alberta, it's known as Mountain Ash, and I have three on my property. I am thinking about gathering berries for dyeing but don't want to do the Cedar Waxwings out of their expected feast. I have been to Yorkshire (1992) but haven't likely trod the same pathways...though mine included roads around Cullingworth and Keighly, and a trip to the Minster. Thank you for the beauty shared, and the memories stirred.

Gillian Cooper said...

Glad you could confirm it was rowan/ mountain ash, Margaret. I'm not very hot on the names of plants and trees.
This was an area of Yorkshire I hadn't visited before and I was blown away by the rugged beauty of the heather moors

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