Monday, 7 October 2013

Out & About: FAB Arts Big Draw

Saturday saw our fourth Big Draw in the village.  The theme this year was ‘Drawing the Future’ and we had a number of different activities for visitors to try out.
I spent most of my time helping people dress peg dolls in clothes of the future and creating little wish houses.  I had drawn out a couple of templates of houses for people to cut out, draw on to decorate and glue together.  We also had strips of paper to write your wish for the future on, which was curled up and sealed into the house, so no one else could read it. 
It was very tempting at the end to have a sneaky peek at the wishes, but we resisted.  The little houses were all placed together to create our village of the future.  It was rather chocolate box as these were the easiest templates for me to make, but I think, in reality, most people want to live in that kind of house, rather than some challenging architect designed, difficult to live in building (though I’d love the chance to try for a while... but maybe only if it was self cleaning!).  I like watching programmes like ‘Grand Designs’ where people build their dream houses and much as  many of the appeal, I do find myself thinking but who is going to clean that glass roof?
We also finally used up my collection of milk bottle tops to make mosaic panels, which will hopefully go outside at some point.  I need to do a bit more testing to make sure that the glue will last etc.
October is the month for Big Draw events across the country and a condition of branding your event as a ‘Big Draw’ is that it has to be free.  Do check out and see if there is one near you as they are lots of fun.

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