Friday, 4 October 2013

Pinterest Friday: Doors

Do you find doors fascinating?  What exciting world could be contained behind them?  Doors are an ‘in-between’ place, which I think is why they are so interesting.  They hold two contradictory messages at once: entrance and exit; seen and unseen; open and closed.  This makes them a potent symbol, one which could be explored deeply in artwork, which is perhaps why I have been captivated by them for a while.

On a lighter note, I think our own doorways say so much about us, which is why I hate the message that mine gives!  We didn’t like the door or the ‘mockintosh’ pattern on the glass when we moved in.  Indeed the builders said they would break it ‘by accident’ and replace it with clear glass as my dislike was so strong.  Unfortunately, having clear glass is against building regulations, so it had to be left.  Eight and a half years later, I still haven’t got round to changing it; there are always more pressing demands on our cash (such as three growing monsters).  I would love it to be like one of these doors as they look so full of character, but unfortunately, they would look ridiculous on our modern house.  However, I can but dream. 
Pinterest is full of beautiful door images and here is the link to a small selection I have collected: Doors

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