Saturday, 30 November 2013

Inspiration: Photos of the Vale of Leven Industrial Estate

This post has taken a long time!  Originally it was going to be what I have been doing in the studio this week. But as I got down to writing it on the plane to Lisbon on Thursday, I realised I hadn't taken any photos on my phone, so I had nothing to show. I then wrote a lovely version of this post but when I connected my phone to wifi later in the day it had disappeared. So here are some photos of the industrial estate where I teach C&G. I took them on our last weekend when we went for a walk. I really loved spending the time going slow and really examining what was there and can see loads of potential in these photos.

Our break in Lisbon is almost over now and it has been very inspiring too and hopefully if my phone doesn't play up again I'll have some inspiring photos from there/here soon!

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